Sitemap - 2023 - One Useful Thing

An AI Haunted World

An Opinionated Guide to Which AI to Use: ChatGPT Anniversary Edition

Reshaping the tree: rebuilding organizations for AI

Not much is changing, a lot is changing

Almost an Agent: What GPTs can do

Working with AI: Two paths to prompting

The Best Available Human Standard

What people ask me most. Also, some answers.

The shape of the shadow of The Thing

Everyone is above average

Centaurs and Cyborgs on the Jagged Frontier

Embracing weirdness: What it means to use AI as a (writing) tool

Now is the time for grimoires

Automating creativity

In Praise of Boring AI

On holding back the strange AI tide

How to Use AI to Do Stuff: An Opinionated Guide

What AI can do with a toolbox... Getting started with Code Interpreter [Now called Advanced Data Analytics]

The Homework Apocalypse

On giving AI eyes and ears

Detecting the Secret Cyborgs

Assigning AI: Seven Ways of Using AI in Class

Setting time on fire and the temptation of The Button

What happens when AI reads a book 🤖📖

On-boarding your AI Intern

Catastrophe / Eucatastrophe

AI is not good software. It is pretty good people.

It is starting to get strange.

A guide to prompting AI (for what it is worth)

Democratizing the future of education

One sentence.

The future of education in a world of AI

Thinking companion, companion for thinking

How to use AI to do practical stuff: A new guide

Superhuman: What can AI do in 30 minutes?


Using AI to make teaching easier & more impactful

How to... use AI to unstick yourself

Secret Cyborgs: The Present Disruption in Three Papers

Feats to astonish and amaze

Power and Weirdness: How to Use Bing AI

How to Get an AI to Lie to You in Three Simple Steps

Blinded by Analogies

The future, soon: what I learned from Bing's AI

My class required AI. Here's what I've learned so far.

I hope you weren't getting too comfortable.

A quick and sobering guide to cloning yourself

Magic for English Majors

"Do not fear AI, puny humans... that is not meant as a threat."

The Machines of Mastery

A prosthesis for imagination: Using AI to boost your creativity

The practical guide to using AI to do stuff

Becoming strange in the Long Singularity

All my classes suddenly became AI classes

How to... use ChatGPT to boost your writing

And the great gears begin to turn again...

You can't brute force the unsolvable