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I wanted a place to translate research into advice, or commentary, in a way that was short and useful - covering One Useful Thing in each post. Due to timing and circumstance, I have very much come to focus on AI, and its impacts on work and education. So that is now the One Useful Thing of this blog.

For more about me, see my boring academic page. The cover image was generated by MidJourney AI v3 with the prompt “One useful thing” in pixelart style.

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Translating academic research into mostly useful insights, with some ephemera on the side. Mostly AI stuff recently. By Prof. Ethan Mollick


Ethan Mollick

I am a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. I study entrepreneurship & innovation, as well as how we can better learn and teach. I am trying to understand what our new AI-haunted era means for work and education.