Interesting and clear, as always.

One error I'd like to mention: You wrote that the joke was not good. The joke was, in my view, insanely funny. I'd write LOL except that it might imply that I didn't--I'm still laughing. It's one of the finest examples of self-parody I've ever encountered. And he delivered it dead-pan!

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ChatGPT seems to do best on subjects it 'understands'. Assisting in or writing code. AI itself. Probably more.

But try it on something more obscure - something you really know something about. I did with the USS Indianapolis disaster - and while it had some knowledge of the subject - it had at least one glaring error - and added comments that were just BS.

It makes me suspect that there's a lot of behind the scenes coding going on.

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I had to laugh at the cliche that every article on AI reveals that the AI wrote a part of the article. I ended up doing something similar as well by asking ChatGPT about creativity (and asking it to write a sonnet on a topic for which no sonnets exist) I think a lot of the fear is in not understanding. When we do understand it, it does become a powerful tool.


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